Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moon dance

With its swish-swash lullaby the sea cradled her,
She lay on the soft sand watching the moon,
Watching the moon through a fan of palms,
As they swayed to the breeze, in tune with the sea

She caught the gentle rhythm,
The rhythm of the starry night,
She got to her feet, prancing on the shore,
Like she was one with the humming sea and the dancing leaves

The moon and the stars watched her over,
As sea and girl lulled and swayed,
The child was at home,
With the cradling sea and the waving trees

A child of the night she seemed to be,
Slumbering gently...
In the embrace of the dusk and the swish of the sea

1 comment:

Sanctified Spaces said...

awesome..this reminds of the Pink Floyd album..DArk side of the moon.