Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daily doses of love and laughter.... Half Boiled Inc.

Half Boiled Inc. - that's what Jayashree calls it.. She sends a joke every day to all her friends via a text message. It's her little way of putting a smile on people's faces during their day, I think. Or her little way of making people want to bash their heads on the nearest surface maybe... haha! Cracked jokes, most of them are. I love the idea of Half Boiled Inc. I think, being this far away from home, Jay's "kadi-jokes" and snippets are something of a transportation for me. A transportation into a comfort zone where I'm connected with home, family and friends for those five minutes, even. It's like listening to a song you have not heard in forever. It comes at you out of nowhere and spreads a lovely warmth of familiarity inside you. That's sort of how I feel about these little jokes - warm and happily connected with my loved ones across the globe, even if the only thing that ties us all together for those moments is that we're all looking for somewhere to bash our heads! I think it's just so important to find these little moments in your busy days to stop and reconnect. Jayashree follows my blog, and I hope that this post will egg her on to find a way to keep her "Half Boiled" coming my way everyday! Mails, offliners... all of them work, Jay.. ;) Luv ya!!