Friday, January 30, 2009

Greet each morning with a bright smile.. your attitude makes life what it is!

Have you ever had those mornings, when things go downhill from the minute your feet swing off the bed onto the floor? One of those days when the monotony of life gets you down in the dumps? We all go through it... I have had days when everything from the weather, to classes, to the people I meet set me off into a grumpy irritation - and how..! I've realized it is usually a mood that I can't kick all day once it sets in.
Coming to think of it, it probably isn't the people or weather that get us down, we bring it on ourselves. Maybe it is our own mind set that allows us to fall into a phase of moodiness. People say there are a lot of factors within us that affect our perception and ideas. Attitude is a Number One on that list according to many. I was amongst a group of friends last week and one of them was fretting about the workload awaiting her the next day and she managed to paint her day blue even before it was there.. Someone told us then, about how your last thoughts in the night are your first thoughts the following morning. So I say, hit the bed with a smile of satisfaction of having accomplished something good in your day. That way we would probably wake with the same satisfaction and optimism the following morning - enough positivity to drive the day upwards!
It is so important to find purpose in your days. Wake up knowing what you want to make out of your day. Being aimless is one of the biggest pull down factors in most people's lives.
A teacher once told me to watch the kind of people around me. It matters... for optimism in your life, you need people around you who pull you up and keep you jogging, not ones that would be comfortable indulging in the pessimism they are keeping up all around! To me, the best and simplest way to keep up and running is to wake up with a big smile that tramples over any sogginess in my day!
So tomorrow, despite assignments, stress, wintry gloom or barely edible food, wear your attitude like its your best dress and flaunt through the day giving it your all! Keep smiling!

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