Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Each day.. Each moment... 100 percent - a stint of deeper thought!

"Each Day, Each Moment... 100 percent!"

Living life to the brim - do we really do it? Has there been a day in your life when you have consciously put in your 100 percent in everything you do? I believed I did, until I heard these words and I started to ponder..

As my dad tells me - If you put in your FULLEST effort, you have nothing to worry about, whatever the outcome of your actions may be. You'll never walk out of an experience with regrets if you know you have given it your all.
"When's life happening?! - NOW! So what's the point of letting your mind dwell on your past or worry about your future?" I have realized that there's nothing worse than wasting the present by not being there.

"Que sera sera - Whatever will be will be!" So go out, give it your 100 percent and live this moment to the fullest with a big bright smile to light up the day!


diksha said...

I'm really liking your profile babe... Looking forward to more stuff... Your blog shows what a straight-forward person you are... Shows you basically... so me likes.. :)

kaavz said...

89hey niki gr8 work!!!